Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Organic Mint & Honey Sweet Leaf Green Tea

Let's get this straight: I did not in any way anticipate writing about this tea, much less writing about it as my first commercial product to rave about. I couldn't help it, though, after what happened Monday.

Rewind a minute to Sunday when we took a trip to Whole Foods to compare their bulk prices to a local co-op's bulk prices. We ended up leaving with Sweet Leaf's Mint & Honey tea, my new favorite drink. I was even ok with paying $1.49 for it since I knew it was so good.

Fast forward to Monday when LE and I headed to Target to price check essentially every consumable product we use. I stumbled upon Sweet Leaf's tea, but at an incredible deal-- and it's not even a sale! 

Target has Sweet Leaf Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea's 64 oz size for $2 (3 cents/oz)! Compare that to $1.49 for 16 oz (9 cents/oz) at Whole Foods. {i.e. It's 1/3 of the cost per ounce.}

Before you rush off to Amazon to compare prices, I already did that. Even with their Subscribe & Save program where you save 15% and get free shipping, you have to buy 8 bottles at $3/bottle. If you're looking for the smaller glass bottles; however, Amazon offers them at a good price.

This tea is smooth, sweet, and refreshing. Here's how Sweet Leaf describes this tea:
Infused with flavorful spearmint leaves and a touch of honey, this organic green tea has created a cult-like following. Loaded with antioxidants (90mg EGCG) and 100% Vitamin C. 
The ingredients are simple: 
filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic green tea, organic honey, organic spearmint extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), citric acid, and natural flavors.

So, if mint tea is your thang, I highly recommend this one!

I was not payed for this review or endorsement. Sweet Leaf does not know who I am. I wrote this because I love their product.


  1. I just had my first bottle of Sweet Leaf green tea mint & honey...WOW
    it's certainly my new favorite drink!

  2. Ha! I was looking for bulk purchase, that's how I found this post. We buy a lot. If we find it in cans we do a happy dance. So so delicious.


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