Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Progress (5) & the hole returned!

Last week, I reported that I planted spinach in the plot again, and there were no signs of digging since. The next day, I discovered the hole returned and tufts of fur were around the area. Nothing was buried there again, which made us think that the animal came back for the big rabbit. I did a little internet research...


we concluded it's a bobcat! Ack!
Image Source
No, I didn't take that photo, thank goodness!

Bobcats apparently bury their prey and then return to it at a later date. Their main sources of prey, especially in Wisconsin, are big snowhares. I imagine it was a little p-o'd that we moved it, but I absolutely don't care. Stay out of my spinach!

Most people probably don't have the threat of a bobcat in their neighborhood. We live almost all of the way at edge of our neighborhood and our house is at the end of a temporary dead end street. On the other side of the dead end sign, there's a big open, overgrown field. Across the little two-lane street from our neighborhood, there's a thickly wooded area and then farmland. Last fall-- I know this will sound crazy-- I saw a mountain lion sitting at the edge of the woods. This spring I saw a big badger and a little fox scurry across to our neighborhood's side of the road. I suppose it's not that strange to think of a bobcat hanging around.

Miraculously, one of the two spinach plants was not destroyed, so I just refilled the hole... again... and hope that the bobcat won't return.

On to our garden progress...

We got to pick our first tomato and lots of peas!

I took a quick peek at our carrots to make sure nothing crazy is going on down there. You never know! Who knew something orange would be there the first time a carrot was grown? Do you think that person thought something was wrong?

We are completely novices when it comes to gardening-- plants and veggies alike-- but with the right resources and the grace of God through weather, anyone can do it! Hopefully, you feel inspired and will want to create your own small garden plot-- it's still not too late to do it this year, especially if you start with plants instead of seeds for most things. Next week, I'll share my resources and garden plan.

Until then... do you grow anything in your yard?


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