Friday, June 17, 2011

Arriving at Koro Sun

As I said before... we made it to Fiji!... and, well, we made it home, too. It's been a little over 12 weeks since John and I looked at each other as we flew over Madison on our return flight. "Can you believe we're almost home?" John asked me.  The truth is, Fiji felt like a dream from the moment we checked into our "day hotel" for our 10 hour layover in Nadi, Fiji, where we stayed in our tiny hotel room watching The British Office and CNN coverage of the just happened Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Adjusting to being home was much more difficult than I imagined, and it took at least that long to mentally sort out the trip. Upon our return, I felt completely unmotivated and uninspired. For the sake of telling everyone else about our experience, I suppose I should back up and not start with our conclusion.

So, thanks for being patient with us as we unwind, digest, sort through photos, get back into the swing of things...

Here's our story, little by little. 

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We arrived at our destination!: Koro Sun Resort, Savusavu, Fiji

After a two hour cab ride from La Basa to Koro Sun Resort in Savusavu, we were ready to get to our villa and relax. We arrived to a group of the staff at Koro Sun singing a welcome song. Before we could even get out of the car, people were taking our bags. "Oh you must be Nicole and this must be Lauren!" I heard someone say as they handed me a coconut to drink and placed a frangipani necklace around my neck.

We turned the corner to find more of the staff sitting on the bare floor in front of chairs, waiting to rinse our feet in cold water and then massage sugar and coconut oil up our calves and feet. It felt amazing, special, and unexpected. This is exactly how every guest arrives at this resort.

One of the staff guys, Romanu, went with us up to our villa to show us around. The villa was on a hill above the resort, providing the seclusion and privacy of a home with the connection and amenities of a resort. It was the best of both worlds.

The view from every room in the villa was gorgeous. We were giddy with excitement to get to stay there for 20 days. The first few days we experienced a few hiccups that maybe I'll talk about later, but the staff at the resort was always ready to help and very accommodating.

LE was ready for Fiji!


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