Monday, June 6, 2011

Garden Progress (2)

I walked around our garden last night at dusk and then again this morning as the sun was rising to capture how much our garden has changed in the last week. My little helper joined me out there with the peas and lettuce. Everything has grown a surprising amount, except for the missing spinach, one lettuce section, and the radishes. 
There are 7 tomatoes now where last week there were just the 2 big ones in back. 

As for the aforementioned veggies that didn't make it...
I pulled the radishes and ate the ones big enough; I'll be planting new ones this week. As for the missing spinach and lettuce... those are gonners for sure. John went out to water the yard one evening last week. He returned inside with an elaborate story about how he noticed the garden had a hole buried in it and when he investigated, he discovered some fur down there. Instead of telling me what he found, he went on to talk about how he thought it was a vole, poked it but it didn't move, and then he went back to watering the yard... blah blah blah.  I just wanted to interrupt the whole time and say, "Get to the point! Tell me the punch line! What was it?" The punch line is that he found a large dead rabbit buried "by a dog or a crazy neighbor" in the spinach plot, overlapping into the lettuce plot. Thankfully, he didn't call me outside to go look at it before he transferred it to the field next to us. Gross. Everything else is coming along beautifully, though, and there has not been a repeat digging incident since then.

I also captured a few of the soon-to-bloom and blooming flowers that are in our yard. I cannot wait for the peonies to bloom; they are probably my favorite flower. We have 6 peony plants, each with close to 30 buds on them!

I also love how intricate and different the fuchsia are. 

I don't recall what those small pink flowers are at the moment, but I love how feathery and delicate they are. 

After coming back inside and putting my little helper down for her morning nap, I retreated to my bedroom to look at short passage for today's devotional. 
Through his power all things were made-- things in heaven and on earth, things seen and unseen.  -Colossians 1:16
Look to the canyons to see the Creator's splendor. Touch the flowers and see his delicacy... Today you will encounter God's creation. When you see the beauty around you, let each detail remind you to lift your head in praise. Express your appreciation for God's creation. Encourage others to see the beauty of his creation. 
Grace for the Moment, Max Lucado
I pray today that you will take a moment to look at the beauty around you that spring brings: bees doing their part to help encourage buds on the cusp of blooming, little curious hands touching tangly vines for the first time, and intricate soft petals hanging gingerly from the stem. 


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