Thursday, June 30, 2011

LE at 15 Months

I'm a week late getting this out there, but not a whole lot has changed from 14 months.

Now that it's officially summer and the sun is out, we've been trying to play outside a lot. At the end of the summer last year, I used a gift card to buy LE a little inflatable pool for our yard/patio.
She hung out inside the pool for about 10 minutes.

Since then, she's mostly stayed outside of it, playing with the water when it's on or when it's off, reaching over and into the pool to put rocks in and feel the water.
In between fetching rocks and playing with the water, she likes to go pull on the mint plant. Her suit from Mimi is adorable.

She got a new 'do to keep her hair out of her face. The rubber bands are basically the size that are used for braces, but they work pretty well.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same! She loves to talk on the phone (any toy held up to her ear), give kisses, dance and bounce, put things in buckets, hold her little doll LeLe, and have us hold her doll LeLe. She runs just about everywhere and makes friends everywhere we go. If given the chance, she'll run run up to someone, look up at them, smile a big cheesy smile, and wave until they acknowledge her. 

When she thinks she's being funny, she crinkles up her nose. 
She's also a big ice fiend. She'll unabashedly dive her hand into any cup and fish around for ice. 

Still no real words yet from the little one, but she babbles and understands a lot. I can ask her to go find her sippy cup, and she'll run around the house looking for it. If she hears anyone mention shoes, she points at her shoes or sits down to shoe them off. 

Oh, and on the teeth front, she has 10 1/4-- eight front teeth, two molars on opposites sides, and another molar peeking through on one side. 

She sleep about 12 hours a night and takes two naps a day. Speaking of... it's just about time to get ready for the bedtime routine. 

Have a good day!


  1. Aw! What a cutie!! I love her little swimming suit :)
    I do the exact thing with my daughters hair. My daughter is 19 months but I think her hair is shorter than your daughters and it's always in her face unless I tie it up or clip it back. It's so much fun to be able to do things with her hair finally though :D
    Your post reminded me we need to go shopping for another pool :( My son put a hole in ours last year, but they are so much fun!

  2. awww. i love your blog! i just found it a week or two ago and realized that we dont live too far! we are in rapids which is about an hour and a half north of you... and my little girl is just a little bit older than yours.. small world! anyway love your blog (oh and we love gdiapers! are you still using them?)

  3. LE wouldn't let us keep a clip in her hair for long. She periodically checks to make sure it's not up there. With these little hair rubberbands, it usually stays up all day. Whew! ;)

    Bummer about your pool! Can you just patch it? Our pool came with a couple of patches. If your hole is small enough, maybe it'd be worthwhile.


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