Sunday, November 1, 2009


I haven't started writing quite as frequently as I had planned or hoped in the beginning. I intend to change that coming up, now that I'm feeling better! Yes, you read that correctly... I've been feeling much better for the past couple of weeks. I've only had a handful of bad days. Things are looking up!
The only downfall that I'm currently facing is that I wake up multiple times a night to go to the bathroom. Somehow the bladder I was once proud of has turned into the size of a pea. I'll trade nausea for a tight bladder any day, though.
John and I spent last Saturday doing some maternity clothes shopping. Madison just has a couple of department stores that carry maternity, Target, and Motherhood Maternity. We'd browsed Target and JC Penny feeling a little let down. Everything just looked so big and run down. Motherhood Maternity was a different story, and it was quite a successful trip. I've started to wear the clothes, but my belly isn't quite ready for photos yet. It's in the in between is-she-getting-chubby-or-pregnant stage. Considering I'm now 19 weeks along, I'm surprised that there's not much more to share. I saw a few pictures of an acquaintance's belly from when she was 12 weeks, and she was bigger than I am. Hopefully that means I'll have less to work off in the end. ;)
Well, in a couple of weeks I'll be going in for the big ultrasound to make sure that the little one is developing as it should. If it cooperates, we'll also get to find out the gender. Can't wait!