Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something is LIVING inside of me!

Ok, I have to admit... I'm still a little weirded out that there's a human being living inside of my body. At first it was just in theory. I mean, she's been there since I was 2 weeks pregnant, but I couldn't feel her. Now that she's getting bigger-- probably 12 inches long-- I can feel her moving around all of the time. It's a little distracting now that she's strong enough to make my entire upper body move when she really karate chops (or whatever the heck she's doing in there).
One of my acquaintances from college (and my friend Ashleigh's friend), had her baby a few weeks ago. She was due in March just 2 weeks before I am due. I've been following her blog of her baby in the NICU, and admittedly, one of the first things that went through my mind when I saw her little girl is 'I have a baby the size of that baby living inside of me.' It's not quite the same to do what the pregnancy book says to do: go to the grocery store, pick out a 2 pound steak, and imagine that that is your baby. The mom, Holly, is an inspiration to me on trusting God's timing and plans. John and I are very blessed that our little Olive is growing as she is supposed to and that she has the opportunity to be protected inside of me (though it's weird) until God is ready for her to come out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My belly

Since I've been asked to share a recent photo of me, John took a photo of me today. Here's my belly and pale skin.

And while I'm at it, I may as well show what our new house is going to look like when it's done being built. The one below is a light gray version of the house that we're doing. Ours will be blue.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank you Zarr Family!

I still owe everyone updated photos of my big gut, but in the mean time I wanted to share what John and I spent most of the Visa gift cards on that the Zarr family gave me...

Yes, that is our new infant car seat! We got at Babies R Us when they were having their Cyber Monday sale. It's one of the more expensive items that we'll be buying along with a crib, pack n play, breast pump, and stroller.

You should have seen us trying to figure out how to take it off of the base. We looked like monkeys trying to use a computer. It didn't come with instructions and there are lots of buttons on that thing.

Thank you, again! Love to you all.