Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LE's Baptism

The end of winter was busy for us-- especially February when LE was baptized the weekend before we went to Fiji for 3 weeks. I got really behind on everything, and when we returned, it was time to focus on the fundraiser for Young Life.

My parents live in Texas and don't get to come up to Wisconsin much. We were thankful to have a little bit of time with them on Saturday morning on the weekend of LE's baptism. 

Poor LE was sick with a cough, sniffles, and a fever the whole weekend, but she hardly fussed except at night. You can see how tired she is in her eyes.

John's parents got to have some one on one time with her that day, too.
Photo by LE's Granny
In the hustle of getting our home ready for someone else to live there and ourselves ready to be away for 3 weeks, we didn't think to stop and get some real photos of LE's baptism... or her in her dress... or her on her day. Thankfully, our parents thought to snap a couple of photos from their seats with a point and shoot.

This is my favorite one that we got from them. It shows LE in the middle of her baptism, with her parents and godparents surrounding her.

Photo by LE's Nanny

Prior to the baptism, I took a quick snapshot of the homemade toffee, store-bought Valentine's Day hearts (this was in mid-February, afterall), her baptism invitation, and the sweet yellow roses.

We thought to capture our friends (her godmother Ashley with her husband, Dustin)

After we returned from Fiji, I took her dress out of her closet to take a few photos of it. I am bummed we didn't get LE in it up close, but it fit really well. Her Nanny did a great job sewing it and picking out the fabric. 

Isn't it beautiful and have the perfect subtle pattern in the fabric? 

Thanks to everyone who shared in LE's special day with us, including our friends who we didn't get a photo of. We're really blessed.


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