Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going... going... gone!

"Hi, Mom!"
Earlier this week, a day or two after I took these photos, I put LE down on her tummy at the edge of her play mat while I cooked. I looked over about 10 minutes later, and she was on her back, 180 degrees from where she was supposed to be. About 10 minutes after that, I heard grunts. She scooted all the way to the wall and had her head between the wall and speaker. She's going to be moving around all over the place soon! She has rolled over on occasion since she was about 2 months old, but now at 4 months she's got it down.

Adventures with Sweetheart (a cat)

"Wait, come back!"

Ok, everyone look over there. (And check out LE's nice hair loss pattern.)
Now everyone look in opposite directions.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I can stand without Mom or Dad!

Don't confuse the title with "I can't stand Mom or Dad!" That will come later.

We bought LE a jumperoo from Craigslist this weekend. Those suckers are expensive in stores and on Amazon. This is a great item to buy second hand since it can only be used for a few months before it's outgrown.

LE is a tad short for it, so we put our Wii fit platform under her feet. She definitely likes it way more than the Bumbo. She was going around in circles, played with the different toys, and made funny mouth noises in excitement. She hasn't started bouncing like crazy yet, but I'm sure that will be soon.

The jumperoo comes with the ability to make sounds and light up. I'm trying to hold out on introducing battery-powered noise makers, so LE won't know that it can do that.

All tuckered out

(LE is in one of the smocked dress hand me downs from my mom's side of the family.)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LE is growing up

I spent some time tonight cleaning out LE's clothes and retiring some... for the second time. It's odd how attached I am to those little pieces of cloth. I just want to sit in a puddle of cute clothes, looking over each little detail. Maybe they will make a come back if Baby Reis #2 is a girl born in the spring. I saw a baby in LE today and not an infant. She's getting so big.

Right now, LE has started to grunt when she's unhappy instead of just crying. She's drooling a lot. She likes to chew on her fists and our fingers. She loves getting her diaper changed or just being on the floor as if she's getting changed. She's interested in her feet. She blows spit bubbles and coos.

Here are a bunch of photos. I couldn't narrow it down from here.

Reading VeggieTales

"I'm on to you."

Drool face

Talking to the light fixture

Pink, pink, and more pink!

I'm the type of person that gets excited by little things in the mail. Today was considered a good mail day when I received a toilet paper sample and some coupons that I signed up for online. Needless to say, I am excited to see unexpected items in the mail.

I was surprised by a big box by UPS today for Lauren, and inside were so many cute things from the parents of my good friend from high school, Ted. I only managed to take a quick snapshot with my phone before ripping into the paper, so it's probably hard to tell that everything arrived perfectly wrapped and was filled with the aroma of sweet baby powder.

Ted's mom, Ingrid, wrote that she loves buying pink, and it was clear that she wasn't lying! Even the bubble wrap was tinted light pink. We received a super soft pink bamboo blanket; a pink monogrammed fitted crib sheet with "God Bless Lauren Elizabeth Reis;" a little ceramic shoe with pink laces with Lauren's name, date and time of birth, birth weight and height written on the sides; a pink hand-embroidered romper; little pink socks that look like shoes; and girlie pink floral sleepwear with a matching blanket. It was a very generous and special gift.

We have been very blessed by people giving us gifts. Of course, we have doting grandmas (Nanny and Granny) that have sent us little outfits and books for LE. My aunt, Christi, has also sent more than her fair share of outfits, too. We are so appreciative!