Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Progress (4)

Wow, our garden is making loads of progress! I can't believe it's already Thursday, and I took these photos on Monday. Oops. I've had a salad from our garden every night this week. There's something very satisfying from eating the food that you grow yourself. 

There are about 10 of these guys on their way and one bigger guy (in the background of this photo).

Here's the funny thing... I spent about 20 minutes on Saturday looking up information on growing sugar sweet peas because mine weren't producing. The plant was growing beautifully, but I hadn't seen anything out there the days leading up to then. That evening, we had some friends over-- in fact, they are the ones who lent me the book on how to start this garden-- and we found a couple of peas on their way! By Monday, I had picked a handful off of the vines. LE had her first sample, too.  
That was about all she ate... and not even that got swallowed. It's not exactly the best veggie to attempt to eat without back teeth.

 These little butterflies are radishes sprouting. I'm not sure why I didn't label the photo, but I think you'll forgive me for that. Right??

The new spinach and lettuce that I planted last week are sprouting, too! Everything is on its way. If you don't have at least an herb garden, I highly recommend you start one. It's not too late for this year, you'll get a lot of satisfaction from it, and you'll save money on fresh herbs.


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