Thursday, August 12, 2010

Unexpected Visit to Wisconsin

One of my close friends from SMU-- Courtney-- sent me a text on Sunday to say that she was in Wisconsin for a conference until Thursday. I rearranged my schedule for the week, and LE and I drove up to La Crosse to see her on Tuesday afternoon. We stayed the night with Court and then headed back to Madison on Wednesday morning after breakfast. What a great surprise!

Despite getting her shots the day before, LE was a sweet girl all evening and even though she still woke up every two hours at night, she didn't wake Courtney. Even in the almost 3 hour car ride there and back, she did nothing but play with her toy bird and sleep. She was a great travel buddy.

We stopped on the way back because I heard some action coming from her diaper region. She ended up having to get a baby wipes bath and changed clothes because she peed on the changing table when I took her diaper off. The paper towels that I used to protect her from the table didn't end up protecting the table from her! Gross.

At Buzzard Bill's for dinner

Big eyes!
A little while after dinner, we got ice cream walked along the Mississippi.
Thankfully it wasn't buggy though it was quite humid.
(Look at how blonde LE's hair is getting.)


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