Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grandparent Invasions!

We... or should I just say LE... have had a lot of visitors this month! John's dad, Joe, came up the last weekend of July. He stayed just for one night in Madison, but we managed to pull together marvelous grilled pork chops with a bourbon cream sauce, roasted new potatoes, and caprese salad. Yum!

I think LE was getting hungry. 
Check out the serious bed head.
Mmm! I love Sun Chips!
Ok, really I just love that the bag is so incredibly l  o  u  d!
(P.S. Check out the drool.) 

Reading with Dad...
Snuggles with Mom

Then John's mom, Susie, came to visit the weekend of August 13th. We cooked roasted chicken with rice and lemon cabbage, ate some pizza and gelato at a cute place in Middleton, shopped at the Farmer's Market around the Capitol on Saturday morning, went to church, and had a couple of friends over for dinner on Sunday night. Susie made "easy" beef burritos, I made mojitos, and our guests brought a corn side salad with bacon (way to John's heart) and delicious homemade bread. It was a packed weekend!

I think this was while Susie and I were slaving away.
Susie gave LE a bath.
Not sure you can scrub the curls out.
Then my dad came twice in August. He was in town for work the weekend of August 8th and then again this past weekend. We picked him up from the Milwaukee airport, ate in the Historical 3rd Ward, took a quick tour of Epic's new buildings, and went to church. Oh, I can't forget to mention that we also ate watermelon on the front porch and had brownies with vanilla ice cream for dinner. 

LE and I dropped Dad off at his parents' house in Roscoe on Sunday afternoon so that he and Grandpa could head up to the BMW festival at Elkhart Lake this week. Dad's going to be back this Friday.

Little fishy pjs are from LE's Nanny (aka Janet)

Singing opera-style

It's been a fun and busy month! The only grandparent we didn't get to see this month was Janet. LE misses you! 


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