Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Kiss

LE had her first kiss on Thursday. Sure, she's been kissed a thousand times by her relatives, but this kiss was by a boy just two years older than her, on her mouth, twice. Cade has blonde curly hair and blue eyes. He and LE have the same hat except his is blue and hers is yellow. He's part of the group that meets on Thursdays, but this past Thursday, both his mom and I decided to not join the group, and we ended up at the same place.

I held LE's waist so that she could stand in front of Cade. He said, "Hug," and gave LE a big yet gentle hug around her neck. Then, without asking if I thought it'd be ok for LE to get her first kiss at 4 months and 14 days, he gave her a sweet smooch right on the lips. And then again.

LE didn't respond; she just stood there with a blank stare. I thought for sure that she'd try to eat his face the way she tries to eat anything that comes within a 6 inch radius of her body.  Maybe she was in shock. Or maybe she was just smitten.

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