Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmastime gifts and travels

Yummy blocks and books from Granny and Gramps.
LE is pulling up and speed crawling with such ease. Here she is in her Christmas jammies from Nanny.
The Cuisinart from Nanny is the perfect height for LE and boy is that spatula yummy!
Peekaboo gets her giggling every time. That was the secret behind getting a smiley Santa photo.
Whew! Presents and giggling are exhausting!
A present from Uncle Charlie & Aunt Kate arrived! LE immediately pulled off one piece of wrapping paper. She studied and waved it around for close to 20 minutes.
Finally, with a little help from Mom, she got the present open.
A shape sorter! Or, if you ask LE, she got more chew toys.
A bunch of presents arrived from Nanny, GrandBob, Nana, and Papa. She got a much needed cute coat (with big buttons, which LE loves), some Christmas jammies, a little wooden worm, a wooden stacking toy, and a Phonics Bus.
This was LE's first experience with something that sings. She puts her arms up, arches her back slightly, and bounces on her little butt to the sound of the alphabet. No matter what she's doing, if she hears that bus, she'll start to dance.
Of course, the people from the phonics bus have to go through the taste test for approval.
We flew down to Alabama for Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Here's LE with her great-grandpa, Gandaddy.
Everyone was surprised by how quickly she downs her bottles. She uses the "aggressive eater" size bottle top. 
Gamama was able to sit in her wheel chair for a few minutes to enjoy the chaos in the living room on Christmas Eve. 
The paparazzi showed up to take everyone's family photos in front of the tree.
Gandaddy and Gamama posed for a quick shot before wheeling Gamama back to her bed. It was great that she got to be out there for part of it.

Opening her presents
LE is in her new monogrammed dress from her first cousin once removed (aka my cousin), Madison. 

Christmas morning, Gandaddy made breakfast for us. Uncle Derek made faces at LE.
LE thought it was funny. She's in her new fleece jammies from Mimi (Christi) and sitting in the old high chair that supposedly all of us sat in growing up. 
The day after Christmas, we drove up to Montgomery to visit Charlotte and her kids. Will is just 2 months younger than LE and Lillie is 2 years 4 months old.  They are both sweet kids, and Lillie loved playing hide and seek with John. We went to the Williams abode afterwards, had dinner, caught Chris' cold, and drove back to Bay Minette. 

Janet also sent an Advent calendar she compiled that had a special gift for us to open each day in December until Christmas. I didn't document all of the gifts that came in, but we are thankful for everything that we received. LE doesn't know how to be thankful yet, but John and I know that we are so blessed to have so many people who care about us, a home that is warm, healthy bodies and minds, a steady income, and a God who was born in a manger. I hope that you took time over the last few weeks to think about all of the good things in your lives that you are thankful for, too. 

Now I must go change that diaper that I heard get filled a moment ago...


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