Monday, January 24, 2011

Adventures in Food

I've written before about LE's adventures in eating. This month, it's been my turn to experiment with food. Most people this time of year vow to eat better, healthier, and perhaps less. The start of the new year for me has, for some reason, spurred a desire to cook things I haven't cooked before, and it's been fun.

Going strictly by memory here's the stuff since January 1 that has come out of our kitchen that has not come out of our kitchen before {all from scratch}: chicken pot pie; latin chicken and rice; Oreos; chocolate lava cakes; spicy ginger & shrimp stir-fry; skillet tamale pie; hearty chicken noodle soup; toffee; and today's adventure... marshmallows.

If you look straight and see boiling sugar and if you look down and find yourself looking into the big dark grey eyes of your 10 month old climbing up the cold oven towards the boiling sugar...

something needs to change.  Solution? 

Goldfish in the living room. Carry along with the recipe as you were before.


More yum.

Pour the marshmallow fluff into the pan, let it chill, and then get your neglected 10 month old her lunch. 
And take a picture of her because she's adorable and her huge top tooth has not been documented. 

Try not to lick the mixer bowl in front of her since she isn't allowed to have sugar yet. 

Three hours of waiting later, you can chop up your marshmallows and enjoy them with some hot cocoa. Look at them melting in there. 

After I chopped mine all up into rectangles like the recipe showed, I read a comment about cutting them out with a cookie cutter and dipping them into chocolate and nuts. I'm definitely doing that next time. This time around I need to figure out what to do with 96 marshmallows that need to get consumed in one week. Rocky road ice cream in my new ice cream maker from my parents? Brownies? Yes, please. 

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  1. YUM! Please share the marshmallow recipe!


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