Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pink, pink, and more pink!

I'm the type of person that gets excited by little things in the mail. Today was considered a good mail day when I received a toilet paper sample and some coupons that I signed up for online. Needless to say, I am excited to see unexpected items in the mail.

I was surprised by a big box by UPS today for Lauren, and inside were so many cute things from the parents of my good friend from high school, Ted. I only managed to take a quick snapshot with my phone before ripping into the paper, so it's probably hard to tell that everything arrived perfectly wrapped and was filled with the aroma of sweet baby powder.

Ted's mom, Ingrid, wrote that she loves buying pink, and it was clear that she wasn't lying! Even the bubble wrap was tinted light pink. We received a super soft pink bamboo blanket; a pink monogrammed fitted crib sheet with "God Bless Lauren Elizabeth Reis;" a little ceramic shoe with pink laces with Lauren's name, date and time of birth, birth weight and height written on the sides; a pink hand-embroidered romper; little pink socks that look like shoes; and girlie pink floral sleepwear with a matching blanket. It was a very generous and special gift.

We have been very blessed by people giving us gifts. Of course, we have doting grandmas (Nanny and Granny) that have sent us little outfits and books for LE. My aunt, Christi, has also sent more than her fair share of outfits, too. We are so appreciative!

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  1. PINK! Fun!
    And I love that you are getting your freebies and samples!! I got 2 diaper samples in the mail just this week! Woohoo! Stocking up!


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