Sunday, July 11, 2010

I can stand without Mom or Dad!

Don't confuse the title with "I can't stand Mom or Dad!" That will come later.

We bought LE a jumperoo from Craigslist this weekend. Those suckers are expensive in stores and on Amazon. This is a great item to buy second hand since it can only be used for a few months before it's outgrown.

LE is a tad short for it, so we put our Wii fit platform under her feet. She definitely likes it way more than the Bumbo. She was going around in circles, played with the different toys, and made funny mouth noises in excitement. She hasn't started bouncing like crazy yet, but I'm sure that will be soon.

The jumperoo comes with the ability to make sounds and light up. I'm trying to hold out on introducing battery-powered noise makers, so LE won't know that it can do that.

All tuckered out

(LE is in one of the smocked dress hand me downs from my mom's side of the family.)

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  1. This is so cute! Zoie likes her jumperoo too! We borrowed it. We'll give it back when she's done with it. We also borrowed a swing. She is already starting to outgrow the jumperoo, not necessarily in size but just not enjoying it like she used to. She just wants to get to everything now and I think she feels restricted in the jumperoo.
    Lauren is adorable! Too bad we're not around eachother to have them play together. :-(


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