Monday, October 29, 2012

Cranberry Almond Quinoa Cookies

John sent me a recipe a few weeks ago for cookies made in part with my relatively new favorite food, quinoa. If you're unfamiliar with quinoa, Google it and then come back. I'm sure you'll find that it's considered a super food and is packed with protein and amino acids. The directions I use for making fluffy quinoa is at The Kitchn.

I have only seen quinoa used as a substitute for grains and never in cookies. My hope was that the cookies would be extra filling so that I wouldn't want to eat the whole batch.

These were really easy to make and turned out to be similar to muffin tops as far as flavor and texture go. They're a nice alternative to really sweet cookies, and I'll pretend that they're healthy since they are made with quinoa, oats, white whole wheat flour, and craisins. ;)

The recipe can be found at Bon Appetit. My only tweaks for next time would be to add a crunchy nut (like walnut), cut back the salt to 3/4 tsp (instead of 1 tsp of Morton's Kosher, which is saltier than other Kosher salt), and perhaps add a big handful of white or dark chocolate chips.

If it's cold where you are, I highly recommend enjoying a couple with a cup of chai tea prepared with a splash of milk and honey.


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