Monday, August 22, 2011

Trip Up to Door County

John grew up vacationing in Door County, and every year that we've been married, we've gone up there, too. John's aunt and uncle, Kay and John, rent a cabin a street from the water for 2 months in the summer to get away from the Florida heat. They generously invite us to stay with them, and we gladly accept!

In case you are wondering, Door County is the little peninsula that juts out in between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. It's about 4 hours from Madison to where we stay in Door County (5 hours when having to stop with LE).
(Map image not mine.)
Kay and John's cabin is on the bay side and has a water view. It's steps away to the rocky water's edge, which is the perfect place to watch the sun set over the bay.

Fast forward two evenings later... 

There are a few small beaches on the bay side, too.  We spent one afternoon at the beach down the road from the cabin. LE wasn't exactly fond of the water, but she did enjoy slowly shoveling sand into her bucket. It took her about 20 minutes to fill it each time.

The lake side doesn't have beautiful sunsets, but the sand and water are beautiful. We stopped by on our way out of town for LE to put her feet in the sand like she did for the first time 11 months ago.

Of course, we stopped by the Yum Yum Tree candy shop and Wilson's Restaurant, just like previous years. They remain completely unchanged. We don't have any photos of it, but another tradition is to stop at The Main Course kitchen shop to buy some kitchen gadgets from John's cousin. Every item we've gotten from there has turned out to be a can't-live-without kitchen item. Seriously.

Back at the cabin, we continued the tradition of feeding the chipmunks, working on puzzles, and enjoying big breakfasts.

This year was the first time we went to The Farm, which is a big farm that allows you to pet and feed their animals.
I'm fairly certain that this is the largest horse I've ever seen. 
LE really enjoyed pretending to drive.
At the end of our trip, we took a couple of family photos. 

LE was a bit distracted by looking for chipmunks.

Thanks for a great trip, Kay and John!

And just for fun...

Look at how much LE has changed in 11 months!

And, as a side note, last year we came up in September when it was apple picking season. We stopped on the way up to pick apples. This year, instead of apples, we went clothes picking at the outlet mall. We ended up with something like 4 pairs of shoes for LE among other things.

Aren't these the cutest little bitty Merrells you've ever seen? 


  1. I love it! LE has gotten so big and your hair looks great :)

  2. we just got back from a week in door county.. we do it every year and its by far my favorite place to be... so peacefull... my little girl wasnt a fan of the water either but the sand made up for that for her too:)


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