Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LE's room tour

 Welcome! Come on in! 

Standing at the door, looking in:
The tree is understated but not quite as much as it is in the photo.

Sitting on the floor in the corner by the forward-facing bookshelves:

Standing in the corner with the glider:

That's it! I love how her room is whimsical, but it's also filled with things that have meaning. 
  • The gray lamp is from my grandparents on my dad's side (repainted).
  • The sock monkey is reminiscent of my mom and grandma.
  • The SMU frog is a gift from my step-mom during my first days at SMU, where John and I both went to college.
  • The laugh sign is a gift from my friend Ashley when I was in college (repainted).
  • The photo with bunting and the necklace around the sock monkey's neck are from our trip to Fiji.
  • The toy box that the fan is on was built by my dad and my older brother's and mine growing up.
  • The pillow on the glider was a gift from John's parents at LE's baptism.
  • The blanket holder was in my room growing up and now holds John's baby blankets, my baby quilt, and the quilts that my step-mom labored over for LE.
  • The red rain boots are from when John was a baby. (They're LE's current size so they aren't on display.)
  • The wagon was a pregnancy gift from a company I worked with.

The paper bunting was used last weekend at a baby shower, and I figured it could hang at least temporarily in LE's room. I'm on the fence with whether it's bunting overkill with the small one on the frame and the larger one on the window. I love the paper design from How About Orange.

I installed a craft paper roll under her little table for drawing.

I'll be repainting the glider the same light gray as the stripe and the dollhouse that's hiding in LE's closet will come down for her to play with. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gosh I have so much to say.
    1. LOVE IT!!! So cute! I love the modern tinge to it. I cannot do it myself... I guess maybe because my style is more classic comfy cozy than modern? (I don't even know what to call my style.) But I always love it when others do it!!! I love the colors. The orange is wonderful! Just beautiful!
    2. SMU FROG??? ;) Haha I love that everything has meaning!
    3. How did you install that craft paper and where did you get it??? I have a table coming to us from my mom - mine when I was young. I may need to install one of those on it!
    4. I want to do those forward facing bookshelves. Maybe I need to take a trip to Ikea.
    5. I kinda like the bunting. It's fun!
    Thanks for FINALLY showing us! ;)

  2. Oooo, fun to see the compliment bunting in action!

  3. awww soo cute! i love seeing little peeks at other peoples houses:) i want to do a room tour of my daughters room too just havent gotten to it yet but you have inspired me!

  4. Super cute!

    I'd love for you to link up to our Crafts for Under Twenty Somethings party going on now. It's a blog hop specifically for kids and teens related "stuff", so your post would be perfect!


  5. I love it all! Such a gorgeous space. Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree today!

  6. What a pretty room! I love the colors you used. Great job!

  7. So pretty! And I love the tree - I just posted on wall decor trees! I'd love to showcase this nursery on my blog - email me if you'd like it to be included in the nursery gallery. And you can join my new link party Tuesday's Nursery. You did a great job!
    PlayfulDecor (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. tiffjaeger@yahoo.comDecember 22, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    What did you use to install the paper roll under the craft table? Love it.

  9. Love this room! What color paint did you use for the walls (the top part)?

  10. What color paints did you use.

    1. Sorry, I have looked but cannot find the original swatches or cans. I do have the grey paint if you're interested in that.


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