Friday, May 27, 2011

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Doesn't that look a-mazing? A few months ago, I compiled a mini-recipe book of cupcake recipes to go along with the cupcake carrier that our friend, the bride-to-be, registered for. Ever since then, I've been wanting to make each and every one of them. We'll get there... in time.

I'm not completely sure you took the time to actually look at that cupcake. I'll dissect it for you. 

The top tastes a lot like a toasted creamy marshmallow. The middle is a cold, tangy lemon curd that drips down the side. {Confession: I bought this from World Market when they had it buy one, get one free.} The bottom is soft, sweet lemon cake that's not too lemony, as I feared it could be with the amount of lemon zest.

This is my first time with this recipe, my first time with my kitchen torch, and my first time to make meringue. If I can manage to get these whipped up with a 14 month old toddler running around the kitchen, you can definitely make these! I won't lie-- these are very laborious (even without making my own curd) but not too difficult.

Here are the little guy's friends, ready to get eaten.

I technically didn't have a big piping tip like the recipe called for, but it didn't matter one bit. Use what you have. I recommend making the cake part one day in advance (but no more than one day), and once the icing is made, these need to be consumed within the day. So, invite your friends over for tea one afternoon. Or, enjoy them with alongside a minty, tangy mojito at an evening barbeque.

Or, wrap them up and give as mini thank-you's. I promise they'll be appreciated.

Here's where the recipe came from. {I halved the cake and icing recipes and used a little less than one jar of curd to make just 11 cupcakes.}

Let me know if you end up making them!

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! My husband loves lemon, so I just might have to try...

  2. Mmm.... I can't wait to make these up! YUM!

  3. Looks good! I'm definitely bookmarking this post :D

  4. these look delicious and i love the cupcake boxes so cute! found you over at lolly jane, stop by for a visit sometime


  5. These are beautiful! And anything lemon sounds scrumptious to me.

  6. This is so visually appealing. I already have lemon curd in my fridge. I am going to make this.

  7. LOVE your pictures! I hope you can stop by and link up to my sweet treats party today!

  8. I don't even like lemon but I just had to check this out. It looks light, fluffy, bright, and perfect. YUM!

  9. I love these! They look gorgeous!! I love lemon desserts in the summer. I'd like to invite you to share your recipe on A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  10. These are stunning! I love lemon so much. These, I'm sure, would make be crazy.

  11. This is such an amazing cupcake. I just like looking at it. Thanks for sharing on A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  12. I just clicked on the link for the martha recipe and just came back to tell you that I like your pictures way better :)

  13. Hi, these look amazing!

    I just wanted to invite you to join in on a WEEKLY RECIPE LINK I host on my blog.

    Made it on Monday link ups are open EVERY WED.-SAT. Come join in the fun!


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