Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garden Progress

Our little raised garden is coming along! It's my first time growing any food other than herbs, so every single thing is a learning experience. Some things I've had very little luck with-- like the spinach. I almost wonder if those seeds got eaten somehow because there's absolutely no evidence of a plant in that area. I think I also knew when I planted the radishes that I should have thinned them out once they germinated, but now they've been growing and all stunted. I may need to start over with those. It's a good thing seeds are cheap and radishes grow quickly!

Ok, I should admit that our mint was just purchased yesterday. I have nothing to do with how good it is looking; I simply transplanted it.

We're also growing chives, tomatillos, basil, cilantro, parsley, and bell peppers. I'd like to get one more type of pepper and maybe some rosemary. Hopefully {cross our fingers} we'll have a lot of success!


  1. Btw mint is super easy to spread!! Break off a piece and put it in a cup of water to have it grow roots. Then lay it horizontal in the dirt and let the roots grow in the ground!

  2. Yes, but you should also be careful that it doesn't take over other plants. It's recommended to keep it in a separate container. :)

  3. Oh I love your garden photos!


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