Sunday, May 29, 2011

14 Months

At 14 months, LE is exploring all of the boundaries. Her face questions, "Can I touch this?" "Are you going to stop me from crawling upstairs alone?" "Is this food?" "Can I press the buttons on your {insert electronic item here}?" "Does making the Phonics Bus play the alphabet for the 10th time in a row push your buttons?"

John and I spend most of our time with her laughing. She's very expressive and tells babble stories with a lot of emotion. She waves her arms around in the air, and when she runs, it's as if she's getting pulled along with a string tied to her bellybutton. 

She loves to share or pretend share. Sometimes she's very adamant that you will take the Cheerio that she is offering. She'll pry open your fingers, put it in the palm of your hand, and then close your fingers back again. Then she'll open your fingers to take the Cheerio back.

LE's favorite thing to do these days is to give kisses. She'll smack her lips together and lean in. We get them very frequently, but sometimes she'll give them to Felix (her stuffed elephant chair), LeLe (the doll she was given by another young girl), the bookcase, and other kids. She just loves kissing.

We also love that she's become more of a snuggler lately. She will come lay her head on us if we're sitting, or she'll ask to get picked up and nuzzle her head into our neck. It's really sweet.

Her favorite activities include
  • using a bucket to put items in and walk around with the bucket on her arm,
  • making the Phonics Bus sing the alphabet repeatedly while she dances to it,
  • lifting up my shirt to laugh at my bellybutton,
  • playing in the bathtub,
  • putting my clothes around her neck,
  • riding on our shoulders,
  • chasing us and being chased,
  • having wind blow in her face,
  • eating with a fork, with or without help,
  • squealing at animal sightings,
  • touching her pointer finger tip to our pointer finger tips,
  • squeezing her fists and giggling while John says, "Squeeze!!" 

As a couple of weeks ago, she's just shy of 20 pounds and 29 inches tall.  A little peanut.

Note: She didn't climb in her toy bin. I put her in there to see how she'd react, and she was very content for a surprisingly long time. 


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