Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas -- cheap!

This year is our first time to be in a house of our own {no moving in sight!}, which means I am allowed to start thinking about holiday decorations. John may have other thoughts on that, but as he said to me last week about some other decorating-related item... it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission. (note: we really don't live by this rule.)

I try to subscribe to Simple Mom's way of thinking when it comes to what is in the house: only keep what is useful or beautiful. It has to be one of the two. In addition to that, for holiday or seasonal decorations, I would really love to only add items that were handmade, whenever it's possible. Stores sell items so overpriced, and there are so many great craft ideas out there that can turn spaces into awesome places. Seriously, the amount of creativity floating out there in cyberspace is overwhelming! 

I'll post photos of the ones I do. Here are two that I think I'll be doing this year (images are not mine; credited in the caption)

Love the cornucopia idea, and I'd put dried corn husks, small pumpkins, wheat, and squash in there.
This is from i am an aspiring artist.
I'm doing my version of this for sure-- already started it! Mine will be less expensive, though, since I'll be using craft paint instead of spray paint, no chalk paint, and all felt for the belt. The names will be in the middle of the buckle.
How cute are these? Found at Jellybean Junkyard
Are there any fun crafts that you'll be doing or wish you had time to do for the holidays?


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