Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

It was a busy weekend for the Reises! Granny and Gramps (John's parents) arrived Friday afternoon to spend Halloween weekend with us. Among other things, we toured the new buildings at Epic, carved our pumpkins (FINALLY!), roasted pumpkin seeds, had chicken and dumplin's (a Reis Family tradition), and dressed LE up in the lamb costume that Granny made. We didn't have a ton of trick or treaters, but considering we're at the end of an uphill dead end street at the edge of our neighborhood, we had a pretty good turnout.  On Saturday night, Granny and Gramps babysat while John and I went out on a date for the second time since LE was born 7 months ago. {I guess it's actually 4 times if you count going to wedding festivities, but since it wasn't just the two of us, it doesn't seem the same.}

Eating rice cereal puffs on Halloween Eve while wearing her Halloween jammies from Nanny
Sweetheart dressed up like an elephant.
Surprisingly, she purred the whole time.
Waiting for the first trick-or-treaters to arrive.
LE thought the bearded guy in a red sparkly hat was funny.
Surprise! It's just Dad! (oh, that's not as funny)
The jack o lantern on the left is John's rendition of LE-- check out her lashes, and yes, that's right...a TOOTH! It came out to play on Friday. :)

Hello, curl!
Finishing off the night with some candy. (ok, not really)

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