Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jesus was a baby

This morning I read to LE from her children's Bible, and I don't know if the passage is one that affects me differently after giving birth or if there's something about the way that it's written for kids made it hit me in a different way. Whatever it was, I got chills and was on the verge of tearing up when I read about how Mary was told from the angel that she was to have the Son of God.

I cannot imagine how Mary felt when the angel told her. Think about it. For all of Mary's life, she was told about how God will be sending a king of kings to save them. Everyone in her time was wishing and hoping and thinking and praying {oops-- I didn't really mean to get that song stuck in everyone's head} for his arrival. Now, think about all of the people who stumble over words when they get to talk to a famous person. Think about all of the screams you hear when [enter boy band name here] get out of their limo, not to mention the number of people who faint in their presence. All of that for a person they've only known about for sometimes less than a year, and that person is only musically inclined {arguably} and presumably attractive. That is it. They are so lame compared to how great Jesus is.

So that's one part of how Mary must have felt-- completely shocked that she was chosen to be the mother of the much awaited for Son of God. Add to that the pressure of being a good parent. All of you parents and soon to be parents out there know what those 9 months of waiting for your first born are like. Shock at first. Then anxiety. Then just being ready (and then realizing you really weren't really ready because there's no way that you could be). We go through months of preparation and excitement for our own little miracles. I can't imagine what that would have felt like if I were told that LE was going to be THE one.

One last point and then I'll let you go. As I was reading the Bible to LE about Mary having a baby, LE was trying to get at the pages, kicking the book with her toes and lunging towards it when she could. I've pictured Jesus as a baby, of course. How could I not have given the popularity of the story of his birth. What LE brought to life is the idea of Jesus in that stage past newborn and before toddler. Can you picture him discovering his hands for the first time, sticking his feet in his mouth, struggling to figure out how to crawl, drooling everywhere while he teeths, blowing raspberries, giggling, pooping out of his diaper, and Mary needing a peepee teepee? Think about the pressure that we put on ourselves to make sure we're fostering our child's development in the appropriate ways. How do you think Mary felt? Do you think she was more carefree because she knew that God sent Jesus to save us and God would take care of it? It's not like God was going to say, "Nevermind, Mary. You didn't give him enough tummy time, and you ate too much deli meat during your pregnancy. I've decided Jane over here is going to give birth to the Light of the world instead. You just have a baby, and good luck explaining to everyone how you got preggers." Or, do you think she felt more pressure to be sure she didn't let God down? Even though I may have liked to think that I was always right growing up, I don't think my parents felt the same way (still puzzled by that one. ;) ) Mary and Joseph knew that their child was different. I wonder if they had to teach him how to share and be gentle to his baby peers. It was probably an odd feeling for them to raise God's child. Yes, I know that we are all God's children, but I'm pretty certain LE is not Jesus disguised as a baby girl who came for his second coming.

Speaking of LE, she's waking up from her nap now so I must go.


  1. Interesting thoughts! You definitely made me laugh as well as think! Thanks Nicole!

  2. Wonderful!!' sure gave us something to think about. Thank you and God bless.


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