Sunday, July 17, 2011

10,000 Day Surprise!

A week ago tomorrow, I turned 10,000 days. I imagine most people don't know how many days they've been alive, much less when they'll hit a milestone like 10,000 days, but John somehow thought of it a while back. 

Knowing that he could never throw a surprise for my actual birthday in February, John planned a surprise party for me. A couple of months in advance, he contacted family and friends across the US, booked a chartered boat for a 2 hour cruise in the middle of a work day, and set out to surprise me by having everyone together for my 10,000th day of life. 

Friends who could get off of work or come in town did; we even had one friend come all of the way up from Louisiana, which is an especially big deal since he hadn't been to Wisconsin or flown in 10 years. 

The day ended up being the perfect day for a boat ride, and it was a great time!

The whole idea was really sweet, of course. And given that John is historically horrible when it comes to sticking with surprises, he did incredibly well. 

If you want to throw a surprise party for someone, see if you can figure out a fun day number to celebrate. Maybe it's number 8,888, 12,345, or 30,000. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!

To figure out the date, you can go to this website. Type in the birthday of the person, how many days you want to calculate, and then click "Calculate New Date!"


  1. That's awesome! Happy 10,000th day of life!! I got the evite too. :) So glad the party was a success!

  2. Oh and yes, he planned this WAY in advance. I remember getting this and being like "huh?" haha. Glad it was fun!

  3. That is awesome!!! Happy 10,000th day!!! So, would you be interested in scheming with me to teach my husband to keep a secret and surprise me!!! He can't keep one for anything!!! LOL. My 16 year old daughter is better at secrets than he is!!!

  4. @Kaycee-- Your comment made me laugh! Of course, your 16 year old daughter is better at secrets! :)

  5. that's awesome! what a fun and random idea! thanks for linking it up at Once Upon a Weekend!


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