Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birdhouse Accessories

I stumbled across some plain wooden birdhouses on sale at Michaels a few weeks ago. They were $1 each, and I picked out 4 different styles. They are lightweight and purely decorative-- definitely not anything I'd actually use as a real birdhouse-- and the perfect accessory for LE's bird themed room.

The plain birdhouses were just too, well, plain, but covered with cute scrapbook paper or paint, they'd be perfect to mount in a cluster on a wall or hang from the ceiling as a mobile. I haven't decided which to do yet.

All of the materials that I used to create them are below. Most of them are optional items I had on hand.

  1. Birdhouse
  2. Cutting surface (only if you are using a razor to cut)
  3. Colorful [super cute] paper
  4. Paper cutter (optional)
  5. Paintbrushes
  6. Razor or box cutter
  7. Paint
  8. Water (optional)
  9. Glue (I didn't have glue at home for the first house, so I made my own with cornstarch and water.)
  10. Scissors
All you do is paint the small areas and parts that you don't want to cover in paper. Then, using one of the cutting apparatuses, cut out the paper to cover the sections of the birdhouse. Apply a layer of glue to the house. I watered my glue down and spread an even coat with the paintbrush. Press the paper down firmly and make the creases crisp. Voila! You're done!

I'm on the fence about getting some clear spray paint or mod podge to seal it. They can sit on a shelf if you want. I'll either drill a hole in the back to mount it on the wall or put a hole on the top to string fishing wire through to hang it from the ceiling. I'll post pictures when they are hung.


  1. You are just too stinkin cute! I am OBSESSED with this idea! Way to go!! And I vote for stringing them from the ceiling! Are these for LE's room?

  2. I also didn't know you had a blog until just today. It's fun to read through your posts since I met you after LE existed.

    Girl, you made your own glue?! We need to hang out more often. I can't wait to see the bird decor when it's done. (Also, will you help us decorate and furnish our house, please??)


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