Monday, December 10, 2012

Picking out our tree

A couple of weeks ago, we went as a family to pick out our tree from a cute little tree farm just up the road. We have always gotten table top trees in the past, so this was our first year to go cut down our own. Actually, two years ago we went to this same farm to cut down a tree. It had just snowed and was beautiful, but the crowds coupled with sticker shock scared us away.

We went on a weekday this year, and we were the only ones there, which is a good thing because we had no idea what we wanted. LE picked out this "tree."

Hannah was unsure. ;)

We continued to look a little bit longer until we found the perfect one. 

Here she is!

We made our way back to the barn.

One of us got a little distracted.

The lady there shared with us that if you have a nest fall from your tree, you'll have good luck.

We waited as the Shakee shook the loose needles and potential nests out of the tree.

Annnd, we got one! (LE doesn't care.)

John and the lady bound it up.

 And got it on the car.



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