Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall in Review

Since I didn't blog over the last month, I thought I'd go through the last month or so in review.

LE and I had a great fall visiting petting farms around the area. We are blessed to live in an area with so many farms and orchards, and we got to visit one at least once a week. We spent about 5 hours at one farm, and a couple of the cute girls from our playgroup were there for part of the time.

It was unseasonably warm the weekend in October that John's parents came to town.

I started using Instagram on my phone, so some of the next photos are from that (mostly the ones that are square and with effects of some sort).

LE is just starting to get to the age where she enjoys the zoo.

My mom's older sister, Christi (a.k.a. Mimi) sends clothes to LE frequently. LE modeled the new smocked dress when it arrived.

It quickly turned from warm to cold. LE sported her pink puffy boots from my parents.

LE thought she could lick the first snowfall through the glass door.

LE enjoys reading and getting creative with her toys. It's fun to watch her start to get an imagination.

We visited my parents in Texas. Their docile cats gave LE the false impression that our cat would enjoy her petting her now. LE's hair got extra crazy with the Texas coastal humidity. It was hot there!

We were planning on going to Dallas to visit my alma mater, see friends, and visit family. Sadly, my mom's mother passed away and rerouted our trip to Alabama instead. Somehow I managed to stay there the week and didn't take many photos. I did take one key video of my aunt singing a silly song to LE, but I promised her I wouldn't share that! :)

While in Alabama, we drove up to see my high school friend who now lives there. She has two cute kiddos who were sweet to share their toys with LE. The younger one is a month younger than LE and the older one is 3.
Photo taken by Charlotte
And that brings us up to this week! I'll post some recipes soon!


  1. Love the blog! Miss you both! Thanks for not posting the song...


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