Monday, September 26, 2011

LE is 1 1/2 Years Old!

Last week marked LE's half birthday. It's amazing to look back to a year ago and see how much she's changed. Babies grow up so quickly!

Last year around this time, LE was still needing to have tummy time.

She sported the curl-hawk-- like a mohawk but just a curly cue. Now, her hair is long enough to kind of pull back into a ponytail. It's straight in the front and really curly in the back.

She was just starting to army crawl. Now, she runs, climbs, jumps, bounces...

She was just starting to eat veggie purees. Now, she'll eat anything except purees.

Our little LE is very spunky and full of life.
Photo compliments of my older brother

LE jumps up and says, "Oof, oof!" when she hears or sees a dog. Similarly, she does her version of "moo," which I can't spell, when she spots a cow. She's a bit more timid when it comes to meowing. Watch carefully to her face when John asks her where the pig is.

Did you see it? She makes a funny face and blinks. We didn't notice her doing this until watching a few different videos of her. We figured out that she thinks "oink, oink" is "blink, blink" (a command she knows). So, she thinks that when she sees a pig, she is supposed to blink. {She also thought "big" was "pig" towards the end; this was the start of her getting congested, and her nose was bothering her.}

She takes care of her stuffed kangaroo and baby doll LeLe by offering them her pacifier and sippy cup. Throughout the day, she sets them on top of a cloth on the ottoman to change their pretend diapers. If she's able, she'll take out a baby wipe and diaper from the bin. Then, after cooking with her pans and wooden spoons on the rug, she lets them sample her soup. Almost always, we have to get to taste.

She's starting to get persistent about some things, like picking out which socks to wear and how many shoes to wear around the house.

She's still happy to nap on her dad, just like she has since the day she was born.

We're excited to see how she'll change in the next year. It's been so fun so far.


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