Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fiji here we come!

We’re on our way! We got to Los Angeles without issues yesterday. LE didn’t make a peep on either flight, and she made friends with everyone she could get to look at her. She’s certainly personable.
We had all day today to do whatever we wanted in the city, and, to be honest, we had a hard time filling the time. Here’s what we did.

See it? 

Now do you see it? 

Yep, we drove up to see the Hollywood sign. It was a really pretty drive. LE loved every minute of it.

Ok, maybe she didn’t realize that she was enjoying it.
We drove back down through Beverly Hills. Took the stroll down Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, and the neighborhood that Jennifer Aniston lives in. We saw lots and lots of super fancy cars. And we ate at Roni’s Diner, an uncrowded, unpretentious, inexpensive restaurant with outdoor seating. It was the perfect spot for our lunch.
Did I mention yet that it was a beautiful day? Blue skies. Some clouds. Lots of sun.
After lunch, we headed down to Hwy 1 to drive up the coast. We stopped at a park to let LE “walk” around, and then we headed up to Malibu for a quick peak at Pepperdine. The views are so pretty there. 

Then we drove back and waited and waited and waited. Time was moving s.l.o.w.l.y. Hopefully that isn’t an indication of what it will be like on the flight!


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