Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Home Initiation

We woke up this morning to a find a few inches of snow covering our home and everything outside. It's our first real snow of the season, which is a time when everyone is still eager to shovel the snow. Ok, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration. It's more like, if you are ever going to be eager to shovel the snow, now's the time.

John and I have lived in condos or apartments up until now, so the snow always got cleared away for us. This is sort of like a rite of passage into new home ownership in the Midwest. I insisted let John take the first turn at shoveling since inevitably, there will be plenty of opportunities for me to have get to shovel us out when he's traveling.

This weekend is also the busiest Christmas tree shopping day of the season, so we went out with everyone else to search for the perfect tree. Luckily, Madison has a lot of tree farms, and one just so happens to be 2 miles down our road. 

LE was thrilled that we opted to go tree shopping instead of having nap time. Can't you see the excitement on her face? 
View of the Christmas tree farm

We arrived at the cute farm, and did you know that trees are expensive?! Holy smokes. We are looking just for a tiny tree-- one that can sit on top of our table-- and we weren't going to pay big-size tree prices to get it. We took a quick walk around and then promptly got back in our car. After going to another place that had an if-we're-desperate tree, we ended up buying our little guy at the grocery store. Lame-o, but cheap-o and just the right size-o.

Also, did you know that everyone likes to go to Target today, too? Oh, and don't bother going because they are sold out of all of the good lights. I'll speak on behalf of all Targets everywhere.

We got our little beauty home, plopped her on the table, and decorated her with every ornament that we own and a string of lights from Janet (aka Nanny) from last year. It looks cute and is just right for us this year. I can't imagine having a full-sized tree with LE pulling up on everything and Sweetheart (our cat) who likes plants. I'll pass on that, thank you.

Hi! I'm cute and apparently can't eat without spilling on my shirt. Why didn't my parents put a bib on me?
How about you just ignore that, ok?

And here's our little tree all jazzed up, one of my favorite ornaments up top (sock monkey from Gamama a couple of years ago), and our first and only present under the tree (thanks, Cindy and Dave!).

How was your Saturday? Are your decorations up?


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