Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ve're Going Back in Time Ven Tings Run Slower

A few weeks back, we did what everyone with kids do who live anywhere near a rural area: we went to pick our own pumpkins and attempt to get the picture-perfect photo of our daughter with pumpkins. The place we went to is just a couple of miles from our old condo, and is an "apple orchard vit da Norvegian exposure..., an old fashioned orchard featuring selv plukk (U-Pick) apples, raspberries and pumpkins for lots of old fashion rural farm fun." It's exactly what you'd think of when you picture a pumpkin patch, complete with Radio Flyer wagons for just about everyone; a Eplebutikken (a little store with already picked apples, apple butter, and cider); pumpkins, and fresh cider; a 150 year old barn; a model T; horse drawn hayrides; corn maze; and loads of people on a Saturday afternoon.  The day we went was in the 80s, which is exceptionally hot, especially given we had our first snowfall by the end of last October.

We parked our car at the end of the row and walked down the dusty parking lot to the entrance. We found a wagon and made our way out to the middle of the pumpkin patch where most of the pumpkins were still connected to the vine. 

Did I say it was a hot day? Yeah, we were sweaty, and we all got a little bit tan-- including LE, which is the mark of a bad parent. Strike one.

Finding the perfect pumpkin was not at easy as it sounds.
Getting the perfect photo of LE with the pumpkins was not as easy as it sounds, either.

She didn't hate it as much as it looks... she is just a serious baby when she's thinking about something, and you'd probably be thinking hard too if your parents plopped you down on some strange, bumpy orange things that you'd never seen before.

The trip wasn't at sweet as we had hoped, but when I went back this past week on a bright, cool fall weekday when the farm only had 3 other visitors, it was just right. Driving home made me appreciate, once again, how much I love living near the conveniences of a city and the beauty of the country. There's not a day that goes by that I am not in awe of God's creation.


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