Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Months

LE is now a little past the 10 month mark and this is what we've been doing:

She's a huge fan of the activity table that we're borrowing from friends. She spends about 60% or more of her playing time at that table. There's a little hole on the side where she sticks her hand and just about anything that will fit in there. Here she is playing by herself, completely unprovoked by us. The bottom middle photo is where she's shrieking.

Just now I was putting away her toys and realized there were a lot of missing puzzle pieces. I lifted the lid to the table, and I found at the base of that hole:
  • the lens cap to the camera,
  • two toy frog people that belong in the Phonics Bus, 
  • two rings from the stacking rings, 
  • two pacifiers, 
  • a stacking cup,
  • all of the missing puzzle pieces.
She can entertain herself for about 20 minutes at a time now. I usually play with her and then she'll go back to playing by herself again.

She now pulls the stacking rings from Nana (her Nanny's mom) off one at a time, and on rare occasion she'll get them back on the stick.

She is starting to stack the cups inside of each other and looks confused when a big cup doesn't go in a smaller cup. 

She plays chase with Dad and me, and she squeals or shrieks when she's close to getting caught.

She cautiously cruises the furniture and walks a few steps at a time with the push walker.

She still loves peek-a-boo, and her shrieks make us all laugh.

She loves being at our feet when we're in the kitchen, and apparently the warming drawer of the oven is really fun to open and close.

She's very expressive.

She is cutting more teeth. Her third tooth is now in and large. Her second big tooth is really visible but still hasn't poked through.

She weighs just 18 pounds (24th percentile) and is 28 inches (50th percentile).  It's surprising that she's such a lightweight because she eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner the same types of food that we eat (except for cow's milk, nuts, honey, caffeine, and sweets). She snacks during the day between meals, and she has breastmilk or formula every 2-3 hours.  She wakes up 2-3 times a night to nurse.

She loves vegetables except for corn (she'll eat around the kernels) and especially loves sweet potatoes.  She drinks water from a sippy cup if you hold it for her. She hasn't had a lot of exposure to fruit since John and I don't eat much of it.

Like I didn't notice that she dropped the plate off of the side.
That plate is supposed to prevent small hands from picking it up but that obviously isn't the case.

Her hair is Crazy with a capital C. Some is straight. Some is curly. Some is just frizzy.

She loves to get l.o.u.d.

She loves dancing and giggling when Mom and Dad act silly.

She thinks the bathroom at the top of our staircase is her reward for climbing all of the way up {with us behind her, of course}.

She's getting used to the idea of a bath, and it's not frightening to her anymore.

She's starting to notice when her dad is gone, and she gets so excited to see him when he returns.